There is something to be said about poetry and anarchy. Both aspire to be a provocative influence, piloted by the crusaders of literature and abstract design; dancing the same tempestuous dance. Neither can be controlled; neither can be conformed. Defined as the absolute freedom of an individual – the sanction of free thought. A concept delivered through passion, with the talent to birth raging influence.

I’ve been told that my concepts are too controversial, that my ideas are too unorthodox, that my writing is too adventurous; as if somehow free-thinking makes us more of a liability, but what they fail to realise is that the most beautiful creations are found in the darkest corners of our minds, where our demons play and often even the bravest fear to venture.

As a writer I believe that pieces filled with emotion provoke change, free-thinking is an inspiration, and refusing to conform should be most sought after.

Fuck what they think, right?